Things with Approximately as Many People as Wasila

Number of People Who Believe Obama is Muslim

aaaaand, We are back now that the financial crisis has been resolved! Team McCain did it!

There are definitely more people who think Obama is Muslim than live in Wasilla

People who suspended their blog pending resolution of the bailout crisis

In support of John McCain and Steve Colbert, we are temporarily suspending this blog, pending a passage of a bail out by Congress. We assume that at least 6000 other people have suspended everything they are doing to focus on this important matter and appreciate your understanding and cooperation

A pro-Kremlin youth organization organized this rally to support the victims of the recent Georgia-South Ossetia war which drew a larger crowd than the population of Wasilla, AK.

Is Palin qualified to run this rally? Perhaps, but I don’t think she would be welcome in Russia considering her threats of taking military action on the Russian Federation.

It remains to be seen if Ms. Palin was able to watch this rally from her back deck. One thing is certain; at least Cindy McCain believes that Alaska’s proximity to Russia qualifies Palin to be a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the free world.

Number of Witches in the US

Given that Sarah and her pastor seem so afraid of these witches, I thought it wise to determine how many of them there are living in the United States. Turns out, there are 6,000! Granted, the source may not be the most reliable, but still I say that this is a sign. If there are 6,000 witches in the US and there are approximately that many people in Wasilla then doesn’t it follow that Sarah herself is a witch? I think this is clearly more than a coincidence, but you can make your own conclusions.

Number of Employees at Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac

The breaking news that John McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, was paid by Freddie Mac $15,000 per month to do absolutely nothing, comes days after McCain denied any involvement with Freddie Mac by Mr. Davis. Since the McCain camp has decided it is much easier to lie than tell the truth, I thought I would bring some truth to this situation by noting that Both Freddie and Fannie have approximately 6,000 employees each.

By the way, does anyone else think that this picture of Rick Davis makes him look like a Saturday Night Live character?

In any case, I’m fairly confident that Sarah and her staff of Wasilla residents could have succeeded in running these mortgage giants into the ground quicker than the company’s management prior to the bailout.

People to Attend the Special Olympics European Football Cup

Approximately 5,000 people showed up to support the brave players of the Special Olympics European Football Cup this year (that’s soccer on this side of the Atlantic). In what looked like a delightful outing all participants were winners with games played in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany.

Would Sarah Palin qualify to organize these games? We know that Sarah cut the funding of the Alaskan Special Olympics during her reign as Governor of Alaska. So, the answer is likely “no.”

If you can, please donate to the Special Olympics.  If you’ve ever seen a Special Olympics competition, you would understand what a truly wonderful charity this is.

United Nations Headquarters

With Sarah Palin’s controversial visit to the UN today, I was curious how many people worked in the building. Turns out, there are 3400 employees. This number is significantly less than those residing in Wasilla; however, it likely does not include the huge amounts of diplomats and staff present at the United Nations during an assembly.

Significant amounts of research proved fruitless in locating an attendance figure for the general assembly during today’s speech by the outgoing president of the United States. Thus, the findings on whether Sarah would be qualified to be in the United Nations building are inconclusive for the time being.

If anyone is able to locate a figure, please send me an e-mail and I will update this post.

People Who Attended a Miley Cyrus Concert

On July 25th of this year, more people than the population of the town of Wasilla, AK showed up to see Miley Cyrus sing in concert on Good Morning America in New York City. Approximately 7,000 people attended the festivities, proving that 15 year old star of “Hannah Montana” fame has a larger draw than Ms. Palin’s home town.

With so many children, Ms. Palin may be a good choice to run a show like this. However, Palin’s views contrast sharply with New York City’s traditional liberal leaning, so she may not be welcome.

NYC College Students who Can’t Find Housing

According to the Huffington Post, a significant portion of millennials actually struggle to afford housing, and sometimes even resort to sleeping in their University.

These students might actually want to look into a sublet in Williamsburg with Common Housing, and avoid being left out in the streets.

People in Lehman Brothers’ London Office

News came today that even though Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, the company’s 10,000 New York City employees will be receiving 2.5 Billion dollars in bonuses set aside for them.

Problem is, the 5,000 employees in the Lehman London office have no such bonus coming and aren’t even sure how much longer they are going to be paid. Pretty strange to feel bad for a bunch of bankers who had a role in our current economic crisis, but apparently before filing for bankruptcy Lehman moved 8 billion dollars from accounts in the UK office to accounts in the NYC Head Office.

Though generally it seems that Sarah would be in over her head in charge of 10,000 employees, in this case it seems that she fits right in. It’s quite evident that Sarah would be more qualified to work the NYC Lehman office than the London office, as she is adept at screwing over others in order to get hers.